Friday, May 19, 2017

Dessert Cooking from the Heart

Cheat's Chocolate Mousse and Banana Ice Cream
You’ve heard of four ingredient recipes, right? Let me introduce you to one and two ingredient recipes. The first is a chocolate mousse that only uses chocolate and water and the second is a banana ice cream that only uses bananas.

In the spirit o...Mango Sorbet
Ever since Sienna started on solids at six months of age she’s had a thing for mango. When she was that little I would let her go to town on the cubes of mango cut from the cheeks. More would slip out of her chubby little fingers and onto the floor t...Do The Hokey Pokey

Despite the bizarre whether of late (18C and miserable rain for days in summer?) there have been several breakthrough days of real summer that have provided the per...Lost Confection
My friend Gerry had a great-uncle, Norman Thomas Brown, who was a confectionery maker in Sydney. Mr. Brown was born into a family with a long food lineage that included bakers, pastry cooks and cordial manufacturers. He catalogued all his recipes in a ...One Year On
This month marks one year since I started writing Cooking From The Heart (with a post on spanakopita strangely enough). Starting this blog has given me a gentle push to continue exploring recipes and ingredients that would have otherwise ended up on th...The Great Decider

My first experience with cider is one that will most likely be shared by many others. It involves being underage, overzealous and out of my depth. ‘Tis the reason I avoided it at all costs…until recently when a friend of mine was diagnosed with coe...Margan Estate: Chef Josh Davidson
In a quest to explore areas of the Hunter Valley besides Pokolbin, my Mum and I headed off on a road trip last week to Broke, population 540. Word on the street was Margan Estate have marvelous wines and an exceptional restaurant that benefits from a o...Alice's Kitchen

You know when you meet someone whose job seems such a natural fit, that you can’t imagine them doing anything else? When I met Alice this time last year, I never in a million years considered that the person responsible for the muffins I was buying o...In Season: Oranges (Sort Of)
I’ve been waiting in vain for blood oranges to appear at the market. Although I know the season isn’t in full swing until August, I hoped I’d be able to get my hands on a few by now. It’s comforting to be reminded that real food comes when it...Winter, Chocolate, Sofa

Are you feeling this bone-chilling cold weather? For the first time I can remember, the Snowy Mountains have lived up to their name before the June long weekend. It’s time for some serious fingertip defrosting food.

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